Weight Gain While Pregnant

Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby Sj221 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:57 pm

I am trying to not gain much weight while pregnant, like no more than 14 lbs. Is that reasonable?
I am 5'5'' 236 lbs currently the heaviest, I've ever been while not pregnant.
My first time pregnant I was 188lbs, and I gained 54 lbs. I don't want that to happen again.
Any tips welcomed!
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby Wolves2018 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:16 pm

Eat healthy and exercise.
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby Jay21G » Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:32 pm

Regardless one should gain 25/30lbs during pregnancy 14lbs during the pregnancy seems impossible. (Can happen idk) I would suggest cut back on certain foods like fried or fast food, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, try making steamed food and excerise at least 3/4days a week
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby Danielbabes1201 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:27 am

Honestly I think it depends on your body type and eating habits.

Me personally with this pregnancy i haven't gained at all, I actually lost 22 lbs in the first few months and for like the last two months no matter what I eat or drink I've kind of been stuck at the same weight (not losing any but not gaining any). I was overweight when I got pregnant this time and was told that it can be normal for a person overweight when conception occurred to lose weight instead of gain. My mother was also like this and lost 11 lbs while pregnant with me.

Then my neice who was a healthy weight when she got pregnant and had healthy eating habits was told by her doctor that she shouldn't gain more then 16 lbs her entire pregnancy, and overall she gained 18 lbs.

But then there are the woman who gain alot more then that and honestly every pregnancy is different.

I think if your drinking plenty of water, and you have very healthy eating habits, and reasonable exercise that's not a totally unreasonable amount of weight to hope to stay at. However it's really important that you don't try to actually lose weight while pregnant because that can be dangerous for the baby. I think it's one of those things you just have to let happen and work at after the baby is born.
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby Rebbecca28 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:54 am

When I got pregnant for my son I was 270lbs and 5’8”. Most my pregnancy I had a hard time eating anything fried or that had lots of fat and actually ate mostly veggies and a few lean meats like chicken and ham. I lost almost 70lbs and had been very active through my whole pregnancy. My son was born on his due date and was a healthy 8lbs. Every pregnancy is unique and special. As long as your doctor approves and there’s no health risk follow do what fells right for you and approved by your doctor and congrats on your baby!!
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby BabycakesNinja » Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:20 am

I gained 50 with my first baby 51 with my second baby and only 28 with my last in my experience the smaller my baby (at birth weight) the larger I got. My biggest baby is where I only gained 28. It’s healthy to gain weight while pregnant I know plenty that gained 60-70 pounds while pregnant! Just eat healthy and walk a lot. Like everywhere all the time ??‍♀️ All I did was walk when I gained 50 lbs with my first...
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby RubyAngel » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:49 pm

Hey hello there I’m 5.3ft and I think it’s possible during my first pregnancy I gain too much weight 60lbs and it was hard to lose it after give birth to a 6lbs baby....... so on my second pregnancy I eat normal no diet and since it was a hard pregnancy stayed home all the time... the thing is that by eating my normal amount of meals and portion I ended gaining 17lbs during my pregnancy and give born to a 9lb baby... doctor told me I was healthy but do to my babies size and weight plus the water and all the extras of the pregnancy he said I was supposed to have gain 20-25lbs so basically I didn’t gain much..... during my third pregnancy I gain 15lbs and give birth to an 7.6lbs baby and this time I was during the weight plan so I did good...... I hope this info helps you...
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Re: Weight Gain While Pregnant

Postby Irenebec23 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:43 am

I think you’re going to gain way more than that. Unfortunately you’re too late you should have tried to lose weight before getting pregnant if you didn’t want to be obese during your second pregnancy. Now all you can do is focus on yours and the baby’s health not your weight. Eat Whole Foods lots of fruits and veggies. Don’t eat fast food or drink soda. That should help a little.
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