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doublenoble wrote:I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after I got married.I was placed on metformin, did a lot of exercise and reduced my carbs.I also did Ovarian drilling to trigger my ovaries. After the drill, I was advised by the nurse who had experienced thr same to try to get pregnant asap after my first baby since the drilling wears off.When the weight had dropped, I was placed on clomid and got pregnant after the first cycle. 6 months after I got pregnant again with my second baby.My kids are 8 & 9 now. Hope this helps

Could you tell me more? Were you overweight/how much weight did you lose? How long were you trying What? What mg clomid did you start with?
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Postby doublenoble » Wed Aug 12, 2020 5:06 am

I went down from 92kg to 74kg through diet and exercise. Prior to this, I was 70kg. 50mg dosage of Clomid. Please see your doctor to guide you. The best advise given was by the nurse, glad I had my kids in quick succession ( my 2nd was natural with no clomid involved)
I have had 3 miscarriages thereafter...no more babies for us.
All the best
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PaRich wrote:I read really bad side-effects on metformin. I am gonna be tested for PCOS next week. I am nervous and afraid. Not sure what to expect. But my body is different now. Suddenly weight gain and unwanted hair. I really don't want to take any medications. That being said. Does anyone knows of anything natural ?

Side effects are mainly nausea and headaches. It gets really bad on the first week, and it’ll get better. My gynea advice on a lot of exercising, less stress, and she said cut down chicken or any process food as those are the food to cysts. If u want to eat chicken, try organic chicken. Exercise really important and healthy diet! Thats all i can suggest
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KayelonJean wrote:This might be a silly question, but A few months ago I went to the hospital and they found cysts on my ovaries. I followed up with a gyno and she diagnosed me with PCOS, but I never heard of those medications you guys are taking. She didn’t give me any advice and what to do moving forward. I just know that my periods come with excruciating pain, but was not educated any more than
that. Should I be taking medication? Should I be eating differently? What changed for you guys?

Hi there
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I also had bad side effects from Metformin. I was diagnosed at 22 and suffered from oligomenorhea and dysmenorrhea for years. I have had a laporoscopy and a laporotomy due to the cysts aspirating and turning into a benign tumor on my ovaries, so I couldn't have children as a result. After going off Metformin, I started intense acupuncture and my PCOS disappeared after about 2 years. I have medical images of the string of pearls formed by the PCOS and post acupuncture images where they have all but disappeared. I wish I had gone earlier, as I would have kids now.....
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