Natural birth advice PLEASE!!!

Re: Natural birth advice PLEASE!!!

Postby Wobbly Nurse » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:50 am

Hi I have birth 5months ago and currently 9 weeks pregnant... I had a home birth that was natural. I have no pain threshold and it hurt. I'm being honest it really hurt but it was better than taking drugs in my opinion. I massaged daily from 28 weeks my perineum with evening primrose and I had no stitches. Honestly your motherly instinct kicks in before the little one is born you will know what to do, I liked the toilet and squatting position. I hated the bath but you will find what works and you will do it. One day of pain for a life time of a child of yours. Go natural. You got this. Be prepared for the pain. Get some cold wet flannels in the freezer for your chest and forehead. Good luck mamma
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