Is the pill working?

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Is the pill working?

Postby Anabelzm22 » Wed May 12, 2021 12:12 am

I've been using the pill for 4 months (I'm on my fourth month) I take it everyday at the same time (in a window of 10 min). I suffer from really heavy bleeding and really awful pain every period so that's why I'm on it now. The past month I did notice a change on my period specifically that my pain reduced a lot. However this month I had extreme bleeding and the pain was a little bit stronger. I don't know if the pill is doing me well or not. And I'm nervous it doesn't protect me since I had relations today (with c*neons ofc) and all though I'm on the 7th day of my cycle I might be worried that it's not protecting me correctly. Any suggestions? I'm seeing a gynecologist on Saturday as well.
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Re: Is the pill working?

Postby Beardog » Wed May 12, 2021 2:22 am

Unless the pill is expired then you should be protected since it sounds like you've been taking it perfectly!

For protecting against pregnancy it should work my the second week of your first pack. For everything else it usually takes a pretty decent number if months to notice a obvious change.

For example I first started taking birth control for help with my acne. It wasn't until my seventh month of taking it that it began to actually help. Same with my cramps, took a lil bit to actually make a noticeable change.

Try not to overthink it too much, stress isn't good for your body. As long as you've been taking the pill as directed and haven't missed any pills, it should be working well!
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