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Chances of miscarriage

PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:27 pm
by Gomezaki22
Hi everyone. I looked up online but I can’t find any information on this.
So apparently, I am 7 days late on my period and had a test 2 days ago, saying that I am 1-2 weeks pregnant.
Now considering my calendar, which is always accurate, my possible conceiving day is like 7 days after my ovulation day, which is really odd.

I will repeat the test in a week but I was wondering, conceiving days after your fertility window can be related to increased miscarriage possibilities? I am quite nervous about it cause we really want it

Re: Chances of miscarriage

PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 2:48 pm
by Vuyokazi Queen
According to how I know it - A chemical pregnancy is an early pregnancy miscarriage that happens shortly after implantation. It can take between 6-12 days after ovulation for the egg to implant into the uterus....So Chemical pregnancies are often identified in women who are undergoing IVF. 1 The heightened anticipation of a pregnancy during IVF may lead some couples to test more frequently and earlier than those conceiving if you conceiving Naturally just relax and let nature take its place all will go accordingly and you will enjoy your pregnancy I believe.....I don’t know if I managed to answer.

Re: Chances of miscarriage

PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 4:23 am
by Alyssa12345
Often with the chemical pregnancies, you don't even know you are pregnant. Your period comes a day or 2 day, or it is slightly heavier than normal. Generally only people having fertility treatments even know they are pregnant when it's chemical because it only shows in the blood work. The HCG levels are not high enough to register in a home pregnancy test. I had 2 chemical pregnancies.