Food aversion

Food aversion

Postby Love1 » Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:57 am

Anyone not drinking water 🚰 .it feels that doesn’t taste nice .
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Re: Food aversion

Postby MixedCouple » Mon Mar 22, 2021 9:28 am

Love1 wrote:Anyone not drinking water 🚰 .it feels that doesn’t taste nice .

I flabour my water with lemom or lime or use a fruit squash I can't drink tap water or bottled as it is lol. So being pregnant makes it harder.
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Re: Food aversion

Postby Nimatan » Mon Apr 19, 2021 5:35 am

Water makes me want to throw up each time I drink it. Warmer water in the form of tea seems to be okay though. Maybe give that a try.
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