Losing Hope☹😔

Losing Hope☹😔

Postby Cel2713 » Wed May 26, 2021 4:18 am

To those who read my forum, i have been true so much... I spoke about losing 2 babies at aproximately 5 months, and was really trying yo concieve again, I brought u guys hapoy new october of 2020 i got pregnant and was super happy, i took all precautionary measures, never did to much, lots of rest, i got the cervical stitch, things was really goin great until that one night when i started getting contraction again, deja vu.... I was 22 weeks guys.. And sadly i had no choice, I was rushed to hospital, doctors couldn't do anything about the contraction only to wait... Sitting on dat bed preparing to loose baby number 3 again... It was sad, and painful, to be all alone in that hard time due to the pandemic... Doctors can't give me anu reason or answers as to why it keeps happening... I did a lil research and i may have found my reason being my progestrone level maybe gting low and that is what causes the the labor pain leading to miscarriges.. Did any of u guys got progestrone shot? I would like to learn more about it... But other dan dat, i feel so angry u kno.. i was so far along.. Lord god alone knows why..💔
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Re: Losing Hope☹😔

Postby Jolie3110 » Wed May 26, 2021 8:52 pm

I am very sorry for your loss :( I cannot imagine what you are going through.
My personal opinion, you should find a really good doctor to monitor your future pregnancies. Look up for forums in your country and find a good doctor, recommended by women with pregnancy issues.
In case you have low progesterone, that is an easy fix - and indeed, progesterone is given to women who had miscarriages, even as a precaution. There are progesterone ovules/pills and probably also shots.
Definitely ask your doctor about this, and try to find a reliable hospital/clinic that will take all possible tests.
Big hugs, take care of yourself, and take some time to heal.
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Re: Losing Hope☹😔

Postby Sd shukla » Sat Jun 12, 2021 3:26 am

Me also loose my 2 baby 6 month that's miscarriage no idea and to medical issues is clear
Sd shukla
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Re: Losing Hope☹😔

Postby Kbrown » Sat Jun 12, 2021 3:52 am

Awww sorry for the losses. I’m new to this page and I’m trying to conceive. Here is some advice I would recommend you follow her and get her teas because she is a miracle worker in that area. I’m waiting on my shipment but so far I have seen so many of her success stories. Her Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Krystal Alkaline Doula (Alkaline Fertility Goddess) I hope I was able to help a little and good luck dear ❤️

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Re: Losing Hope☹😔

Postby Charmie12 » Sat Jun 12, 2021 4:52 pm

I know exactly how do you feel I would like to hug you warmly.
At year 2008 I lost my Son in 26-27g.w.He was fighting 3 months with broncho-pneumonial dysplasia.
10 years I was wouldn't want to hear of another pregnancy....till now.
And I hope we will congratulate with success,happy and healthy Babies born in the 9th Month.

Best wish, Ina
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