weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Re: weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Postby kim_zmi » Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:49 am

Hey guys! Can u help me? I'm a 15 years old girl and my weight is 60!!! Please help me..
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Re: weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Postby nathaly93 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:53 pm

Do you want to loose or gain weight kim-zmi?
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desperately need help!

Postby phatt » Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:32 pm

Hi! I am in desperate need of your weightloss tips. I am 24 years old. I have a 5 month old baby which i delievered through c-section. I am 176 lbs. And i am literally losing hope. I need your help. Thanks!
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Re: desperately need help!

Postby Cookie Monster » Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:32 am

First of all its not the end of the world girl! You need to love and appreciate yourself and see how you can improve.Losing weight is not that hard if you are determined to succeed!But you need to follow a healthy life schedule...I will give you some tips that work 100%,hope they'll help you!
-Don't eat carbohydrates,sugar and generally junk food.Prefer clean protein,vegetables,fish and fruit.
-Have 5 little meals per day instead of 3 large.
-Drink a lot of water,like 8-10 glasses a day(or more if you can!)
-Exercise.You don't need to spend 5 hours a day at the local gym,half an hour is okay, and you can add more and more as you start getting used to it.You can look up exercising schedules and ideas on Google/Youtube.
-Have a program and stick to it.Be determined and you'll see that after a while it won't be that hard.
-Don't starve yourself.Eat healthy stuff that will make you feel nice and full.
-Search healthy and yummy snack recipes,so you can replace junk food when you crave it.
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Re: desperately need help!

Postby ManzanaMama » Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:47 am

Hi! As a Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer I felt awful about my image when my daughter was 4-5mo old.. When she was a NB I felt good about myself and thought I would lose weight brim breastfeeding but it made me so hungry! I went for the wrong choices and whatever was "convenient". Honestly, wait until your baby is a little older.. My daughter is 11 months now and I started working out when she was 9mo old and eating healthy. It gets easier as the baby gets older. I place her in her play pen when I work out or hold her and do squats! I put her in her high chair in the kitchen and she watches me cook healthy meals! I AM going to be her example, she is going to watch and learn from me which is my biggest motivator because I want her to be healthy. That being said, embrace your mama body! My daughter was ABSOLUTELY worth every stretch mark & every extra pound. I know I can get back in shape but it's a slow & steady process.. Like I said earlier :) it gets easier!
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Re: weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Postby bribri0015 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:39 pm

That's great for you. I stopped eating meat and only fish 2 months ago and I feel alot better(more energy). People are saying I've lost weight but the scale doesn't like me so....
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Re: desperately need help!

Postby Silvie » Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:09 pm

My advice this: I lost 10 in 2 months just by giving up meat, fish, bread, pasta, sweets. I had to do it for medical reasons and it turned out great for a good life style. You can still eat good. You can eat all veggies and fruits. Eggs, rice & potatoes. Oats with fruit for breakfast. And the key is never eat to full stomach, eat less per each meal. Don't eat after 7 at night. Have a herbal tea if you are hungry before go to bed. I was never hungry. Search for great vegetarian recipes. I'm still a vegetarian cuz I love it. Good luck
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Re: weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Postby Lbarrow89 » Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:30 pm

Emswilson wrote:Have you ever heard of Advocare? I am a Rep for them. They have a 24 day challenge. A detox product and a meal replacement. I am four lbs from my goal weight of 132 after hving twins just a year ago and I use the meal replacement and detox and v16. My friend did the 24 day challenge and lost 49 lbs and 17 inches off of her waist. Private Message me for more info.

Can u help me please in knowing what exactly it is n how it works as I'm interested in giving it a try...
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Re: weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Postby kittenkat » Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:59 pm

To everyone trying to lose weight here are some proven tips to help that i actually did myself starting at 300lbs now at 195lbs. First lets start off by saying it's not a diet it's a lifestyle. Our bodies are meant to fast so i did intermittent fasting (if you don't know what it is plz look it up it's confusing to explain but scientists are just now realizing that it helps i have done this before they even found out). Also cellulite/fat is hard to get rid of. So don't go out and by those dumb pointless waist training things. There is no such thing as spot reduction, there is no such thing as a magic skinny pill, and there is no such thing as special programs that get you skinny. Also don't go pay a personal trainer its expensive. Everything i just mentioned is a waste of money (if you feel like tossing your money on that junk i suggest you just get a gym member ship). Speaking of gym member ship, start off with that. If you cant afdord one then you really must not want it (or you don't have a job go get one). Anyways, in order to lose fat you have to gain muscle, in order to do that you must be lifting. But (this will be a bit confusing for some of you) when you first start off DO NOT weigh yourself (i almost wanted to go anorexic from what i first saw). The reason why i say not to weight yourself is because, muscle weighs more than fat. So if you weigh 180lbs and you are eating right and lifting weights, you will gain weight so next time you weigh yourself the scale will go up (depending on how hard you're going too). Also if you want to weigh yourself thats good, do so if it makes you feel better. I suggest you dont only because your weight will go up and it will freak you out. Not only that but it doesn't matter what the scale says what matters is what you see in the mirror. Also don't diet, dieting is rough. Dieting means you are going to restrict yourself from enjoying what you love. I personally never dieted. I did do my intermittent fasting though (i still don't consider that a diet) eating everything i would normally eat just in smaller portions. You don't have to cut junk out completely. Just cut some of it out. If you normally eat an entire bag of cheetos, try eating half the bag and save the other half for later or tomorrow. Another way to burn fat is by running (ugh yes i hate it too [not really i love it now]). I used to despise running. I would only run from spiders, that was my only cardio. Except for once (the day i actually didnt try lol. I walked into my gym, and this nutrishop woman offered me some pre workout (I had just got out of class and i was tired i didnt want to be there it was 8pm). I said yes, and i took a small cup of it. Went to the bathroom and came back out. After that i remember getting on the treadmill and everything after that was a blurr. All i remember was my entire body being numb and getting off the treadmill after running 3miles (i went from no running to running a f**cking marathon) it was great. The pre workout was called thermovex. If you have heart problems i suggest you speak with your doctor. Also if you do start working out, do as much weight as you can and as many reps as you can. Don't count tge reps and sets. At some point you will eventually hit plateau. When that happens you woyld have lost at least 10-20lbs. And when that happens i normally stopped going to the gym and ended eating crap and gained a little weight (5lbs) then i realized i was fat again and got back in the gym and lost another 15-20lbs. Its natural for you to want to give up, but dont. There will be days you dont want to go to the gym but i suggest you do it. Because that is what will seperate you from the rest of the people. Not only that but thats the day that will lose you that last pound. Same thing goes for that last rep. If you dont fell like doing that last sauat because your quads hurt. Do it anyways. That last squat will give you that nice a*s. So don't quit now. Go get that summer body. Go be a healthier you. One last thing, don't be shy to work out in a gym. No one is worried about you. Everyone in that gym is there for the same reason you are. They all want to get that perfect female body (even the men). I hope this helps you, for those who really want to lose weight. I started at 300lbs and i am now at 195lbs it took me a year and a half to lose it all (i would of lost more but i was going through a hard time at some point). So don't give up. Never give up. "Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." -Edward Stanley - I hope this helps you ladies. Remember necer give up.

Best of luck,

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Re: weight loss tips!!! ^_^

Postby snehaprakyat » Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:46 pm

Suddenly my weight increased...
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