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Need to gain, help

PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 3:39 pm
by Nyss6800
So I need to gain weight in the healthiest way possible but I’m unsure how to do that. I am 120lbs and 5’6” so I’m underweight by quite a bit and as I’m planning to get pregnant, I can’t be so underweight and unhealthy. Anyone have any tips in gaining some healthy weight?

Re: Need to gain, help

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 5:14 pm
by mariejeanne
yes! eat higher caloric foods that are not processed such as nuts, seeds, avocado. Try to eat bigger portions and snack throughout the day. Gaining weight is not unhealthy. Rather, it's the food that you put in your body or the amount of exercise you do that makes you unhealthy or not.