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PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:12 pm
by Kavusalya Suppiah
I have regular menstrual my body is everywhere..does that mean I'm infertile r fertile?

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:17 am
by Wolves2018
Please post in the correct section.
Just because you have hair all over doesn’t mean that you are infertile. You are really curious then it is best that you take to your obgyn.

Re: Help

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:08 pm
by Kavusalya Suppiah
I'm nt curious...but I'm srsly scared..I have been living with these like fr years..n I have no guts to tell anyone tat I have it....I always have thought tat there is smtgh wrong wit my whn i googled says I'm nt sure cuz my periods are regular..I'm sorry btw