low self esteem crisis

low self esteem crisis

Postby Lunna » Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:36 pm


these past 2 weeks I've been having my self esteem in a really low level because of 2 things; First one is I noticed my husband only give me compliments when I straighten my hair, if I have my hair in a natural way (very curly and a lot of volume) he doesn't say anything, even if I am all dress up, and it really upsets me; Second one is that it's been 2 Valentine's day that we don't celebrate because somehow he ended up saying some things about my weight (I'm thick and curvy, the only thing that bothers me is my tummy, otherwise I love my body the way it is now with big a*s think thighs and hips), this last Valentine I told him about my wedding ring being too small to fit my finger without hurting my skin and he said that when he bought the right I was about 15 pounds lighter than now, and I started crying and he noticed that and said I'm sorry if society is putting pressure on you, we will get your ring resized. the other Valentine's situation he was talking about something I don't remember right now but he said that if I did some exercise I would be a bombshell but here's the thing, my mom and I look the same (thick and curvy), I saw one conv. with his friend about how my mom looks same as me at 41y and he said that she's a bombshell, the thing that upsets me is that he doesn't compliment me but in the other way he thinks my mom is a bombshell but she looks exactly the same as me. these past two weeks it's been hard, I've been crying every night because of this situation, I can't say anything without crying myself out I don't want to look weak for crying because of this. what could I do to fix this? I've been ignoring him for the last 3 days.
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Re: low self esteem crisis

Postby Ruiz0123 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:29 am

First sit down and discuss what will help fix y’all relationship. If he doesn’t see perfection when he looks at you and doesn’t want to find a solution with you.. Just know there are guys out there will show you and reassure you how beautiful you are. Then he’ll come back around when he realizes what he lost. One mans trash is another mans treasure.
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