Athlete and roids . Late period??

Why is my period so late?

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Amenorrhea of anabolics?
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Athlete and roids . Late period??

Postby Nova1+ » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:35 pm

Hi ladies i am currently a bodybuilding athlete in the Wellness defision.The begining of the year i started to train much more intense and lifting heavier weights, started to eat much healthier aswell , i have been on a very low carb diet this past 2 months and have been on different steroids and thermogenic cycles consisting of anapolin , winstrol , anavar , clenbuteral , fem stack and cardarine sarms also Zaditen for opening my reseptors , for the past months my fat persentage has dropped a lot but my period is late for exactly a month now , could it be because of anabolics?
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