230lb 5'4

Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Cacrouser@gmail.com » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:20 pm

I agree with rachelnj. What she said plus drink water, cut out all sugary drinks and cut back on carbs and eat more leafy and cruciferous veggies. Work out 30 minutes each day. Preferably in the mornings on and empty stomach and drink a protien shake sith 30 mins post workout before you shower and dress for the day. Eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks like raw almonds, and log your calories and workout progress. Good luck! It works
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Angelicajacob29 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:42 am

Hi! I’m 5’2. I started at 230. I’m now at 210. Wondering if you have made any progress?
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Singer92 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:49 pm

I've struggled with my weight for over a decade. I'm at a point where I'm 5feet, 4inches and 274 pounds. I feel disgusting and literally the only things that have worked have been severely restricting my calorie intake and severely over exercising, neither of which has worked long term.
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Bcooley » Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:26 pm

I was 220lbs 5'3 in August. I'm now down to 165. I didn't want to do any quick fixes, I want a life change so I'm losing it slow and steady. Ive always thought about weight loss like an addict trying to recover. You have to want it and make it happen or it will never work. The biggest change I would recommend is eating habits and just walking. I cut my calories down to under 1500 calories on days I exercise and 1200 on days I don't. I also cut out all soda and drink mainly water, not easy and took me almost 3 months, but totally doable (don't drink your calories) and just swap out little things, instead of tacos with a tortilla, throw all ingredients into a bowl with extra lettuce. You get more to eat with alot less calories (each tortilla is around 100 calories). I also just started walking at first it was only 15 minutes but now I'm up to 4 miles a day and it only takes me 45 minutes. This can be done before work, on lunch breaks, or after dinner. My motto is no excuses. So saying you don't have time is an excuse, make time. Even if you split the 45 minutes up to 15 minute intervals, as long as it gets done, then you have succeeded. Good luck.
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby JLRider1016 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:05 pm

I say 248lbs is my largest weight because that was the last time I was willing to even step on a scale and I’m about 5’2”-5’3”. I did Atkins with my mom kinda to support her and give her someone to diet with and I ended up getting down to 170 with just avoiding carbs and sugar my first year, the bulk of the weight loss in only 7 months. I hit a plateau for about 2 years, jumping back and forth between 170-180. Instead of including work outs, I just started going out to parks and walking and playing disc golf and now I’m down to 145. There’s a point where it stopped being a diet and just kind of became who I am. I have many intolerances to food and chronic stomach pains but once I’ve eliminated carbs and some other foods, it’s decreased a significant amount so maybe that has helped me stick with it. I’d rather not hurt and be able to fit into my new clothes than eat the bad foods again. I never deprived myself though, if I wanted ice cream, I’d have some but only a few bites. Pizza? Why not? But only having a slice and during the day before or just after going out. That’s just the kinda stuff I did that worked for me, everyone’s different but may not hurt to give it a go for a week or so and see how you feel.
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Kate5 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:08 pm

Try cutting out sugar or cutting back on it, instead of pop have water, instead of candy go to carrots & celery. It’s really hard at first but once you start seeing the change it will help keep motivated
Good luck!!
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Chipmunk07 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:06 pm

No sweets /no carbs /no meals late in the night .
Drink lots of water and eat how much healthy u can . Also .....dont eat fried meat or french fries often .
I stop eating meat for 6 months and is true that u gonna lose weight ,but not so much . Few kilos ,thats all . I wanted to become vegetarian and its true u feel really good when u stop eating meat ,but i start to lose so much hair . Was horrible so ...i start to eat meat again ,after that i learned i m pregnant ..so i didnt want to be vegetarian during pregnancy ,because i m not expert about diet and nutrition so ..i cant play with it .
I m telling ,becoming vegetarian u need lots of info ,is not so simple telling someone ...u should stop eating meat ,is not like telling “stop eating bread or drinking Coke “ for example .
But i know ,if u quit eating carbs and stop eating protein with carbs ,100% u gonna loose weight easlily . Who s heavy (fatty ) with these small things and lots of water ,is really easy to loose 10-15 kg at least ,at the beginning . Why ? Because u re all full of water ,so first u gonna eliminate that water ,then ..slowly slowly gonna be a bit harder to loose weight ,but is not impossible . Is really easy to do it as long as u follow the plan . I was never fat . I m 1,60 m and 50 kg ,but once i turned 60 kg and i wanted to turn back to my 50 kg . So ..2 months of diet ,low carbs ,no night meals ,lots of water,sport and a tea for draining the blood . I lost 8 kg . If i made it ,u can nake it too . Good luck girls ,and wish u to be super sexy till summer ? and while u re super sexy ,think at me that in summer i ll be a Kinder egg ? with big belly and waiting to give birth . Take care ?
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Lonlon72 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:36 pm

Drink lots and lots of water you can also make healthy smoothies with some protein as meal replacements be sensible meals that are portioned with a meat (protein) and veggies try and stay away from breads sugar pasta and sodas a good diet to try is Keto go on YouTube and look up exercising in your home
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Mistral » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:13 pm

carry wrote:I think I need to lose weight too. I'm 70 kg. I think it is too fat.

Depends on how tall you are
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Re: 230lb 5'4

Postby Rein » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:18 pm

Hi there!

I have always been conscious of my weight. I have a business with it works and my products have allowed me to lose and maintain my weight for a year and a half now. The cleanse rided me of bloat and the appetite suppressing pills control my portion size and cravings!! I would love to share more and my 40% discount with whomever is needing something just for their journey!!
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