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My stepdad is currently in the hospital due to alcohol withdrawal. He’ll be ok and will probably come home tomorrow. I kind of am worried for when he comes home. The last couple of months he’s been really different and it’s because he’s been constantly drunk. He’s either sleeping or going around the house and yelling at everyone for pointless things. It feels like we’re all constantly walking on eggshells around him because the smallest thing will offend him. He’s hardly ever his normal self. The house just feels different when he’s not here. I really hope that he’ll take being in the hospital as a lesson, but I’m scared he won’t. I care about him and I want him to get help but I’m scared nothing will change. I sort of want to just go to my dad’s house for a couple of weeks until he can get help . My mom seems really stressed and I feel bad for her. I just really want things to change. At least I get to go to school two days a week now so I don’t be out of the house a little now. I’m sorry this was long I just needed to get this of my chest.
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Re: Stepdad

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Going to your dad's for a bit is a good, yet temporary solution. You can go there, relieve your stress and just be in a calmer environment for a bit.
However, in order to fix this more permanently, I would suggest you talk to your mom about this situation. If you're both in agreement about this, try suggesting some kind of therapy to your step dad. (Make sure to ask him in a time where he isn't drunk)
Also, you and your mom could try figuring out if there are any AA meetings in your area. (Maybe they've gone virtual because of covid)

Anyway, I really hope this helped and sorry if it didn't.
Sending lots of love and I hope your step dad gets better soon. ❤❤❤
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