Would you consider this toxic?

Re: Would you consider this toxic?

Postby MadiColby » Sat Mar 20, 2021 11:08 pm

Ummm I would not say that I am immature I just know the difference between right and wrong. If my parents treated me that way I would leave and never come back. Your pov is not accurate if you knew this girl then maybe I would be like get the hell away from them and come live with me but I don't and also just because she is 17 does not meant anything she can still leave she just needs concent from them for anything minors can't do like get a tattoo or other things in that ganre. I feel like you are not immature from the person above me but I also feel like you are wrong sorry tho.
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Re: Would you consider this toxic?

Postby Kai-T_Chai-Tea » Sun Apr 04, 2021 12:38 am

Chocolateisthebest wrote:So i have had a lot of things that i wanted to try as hobbies and i recently got into figure skating and i really wanna try it. Yes ik how to skate and yes ik that if i bought the skates i will use them and actually like it cuz i love skating and being on ice in general.

So the real issue my parents aren’t allowing me to try it (i have a part time job that i plan to buy the skates with and the lessons if needed) and its not their first time not allowing me to do something like i wanted to do gymnastics at 10 and they told me i am too old and i wouldnt do good i got a violin (it was a gift) and i wanted to take a couple of lessons to get started and they instantly shut it down- i had a part time job back then too.

I am literally 17 and i cant spend a dollar of the money i work hard to earn on anything even a snack or a drink heck i cant go anywhere the only place i can go to is the mall that my dad works at.

Like they have done other things like once my mom almost threw a knife at me and another time she threw a glass figurine at me. I am done with this i even gave up on wanting to be a lawyer but still going with it because they want me to. I feel like my dream of being a lawyer is no longer even mine and all of this is driving me insane and I literally keep getting suicidal thoughts and i really dont know what to do now 😭

Yes that is toxic. My dad doesn’t let me do anything I like and if I pink up a new interest, it gets banned from the house. Same thing in your case.
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Re: Would you consider this toxic?

Postby adywomp » Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:50 am

i would consider this toxic. and yes i understand everyone defending the parents saying “well maybe they just want the best for you”. but part of growing up and parenting is allowing your child to try new things to become themselves. you have to make mistakes before you can figure it out and what they’re doing is completely shutting you down and not allowing you to grow and learn on your own. a part of childhood (yes we’re teenagers so we’re all technically children) is making mistakes while trying new things. i don’t have the best advice for you other than the fact that yeah, youre seventeen. you have one more year then you can be out of there to do and be whoever the f^^k you want. and i truly hope you get to try all of the things you want to do.
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Re: Would you consider this toxic?

Postby Chocolateisthebest » Tue May 04, 2021 6:02 am

Honestly i didnt expect that many responses so i didnt check and just left my depressing life depressingly. I have given up on skating i stretched for 2 months for it and was able to do splits and stuff like that but i just gave up cuz everything is closed and kept distracting myself cuz it was just making me too sad lol so yh ended up stopping (can still do the splits with a lil of stretching muscle memory is amazing aint it?) to those who were wondering my parents were ready to loan me money and pay half of it so i dont have to save much.
I kinda dont think i will be getting into uni tho like i started trying too late and the classes that i am good at i have in the end so unless they plan to accept me in the summer then i dont know if i will be getting in. Kinda depressed because of that i have some really bad work ethic this year have also just been really hard like what do they expect a teen to do if they are left at home all day for school and hw like imma get distracted and not get good marks but whatever.
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