Who has a mom that does not let their kids have social media

Re: Who has a mom that does not let their kids have social m

Postby +Chocolate_18 » Mon Apr 19, 2021 12:13 pm

ZuraAoi wrote:I cannot have social media too! Once i have insta and i do it secretly bcuz i rlly want insta . My friends keeps talking about insta so i wanna try. But i know my mom wont let me. So i know i cant tell my personal info to strangers(obviously) So i didnt tell but i did talk to some people. . I just post something like you know, some kind of a gachalife characters( a character from a game) and edit it. It was famous in insta. But then my mom find out . She deleted my acc . :d . Im actually sad bcuz insta is entertainment when i was bored. I try to convince my mom, like i wont give my personal info to strangers. But still she wont let. Any advice?

Same thing happened to me but I had Tik tok instead of insta and my dad found out he is so protective which that stuff and I understand but it is just annoying and now I am not allowed anything
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