mothers day problems

mothers day problems

Postby Guest » Sun May 12, 2013 7:39 pm

Okay soo i understand today is mothers day but my mom woke up yelling and crying... im the only girl and every year i get her something nice but ever since her new boyfriend came along she treated us differently..... he got her wat she wanted for mothers day and she said aww thats sweet and im not even his mother... i felt ashamed and useless... im 14... the oldest is 16... i dnt hve a job... i dont ask for money only for the things i need and she cursed everyone out..... she said we couldve asked her boyfriend for money but everytime i do the subject always changes because of someone else... i cooked for her and she still mad... shes telling everyone that me and my brothers r ungrateful.... and i cnt help but shed a few tears..... i need help on how to make her smile again... the little things i do wont even crack a smile on her face to show im trying but please help me please.........

Re: mothers day problems

Postby Eyanshh » Wed May 15, 2013 3:24 pm

I think u need to confront with her together with the eldest.let out ur feeling in front of her.shed ur tears so that she knows what's inside ur heart.tell her that u love her very much n u r willing to cook for her just wanna let she knows how much u care abt her.n also saying to her like this, i'm very thankful to have a mom.not like others who lost their mom since small.thanks a lot mom for raising me until now.bcs of u i can see the world today...i will love u ever after.u r the only mom i have n u will cannot be matter how bad u treat me, u r stl my beloved mom..
Hope can help u
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