Posting topics in the wrong section

Posting topics in the wrong section

Postby Luna Aria » Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:26 am

Everyday i see posts where they don't belong. This does not help us keep the forum clean and organized. So to anyone who posts topics in the wrong subsection will get a warning and their topic will either be deleted or moved to the correct section. After 3 warnings you will be TEMPORARILY BANNED for a week. If after you come back this continues, after 6 total warnings you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED for not following simple rules. There are subsections for everything so no excuses. If you let us know, BEFORE we give you a warning, that you posted your topic in the wrong section then you will not get a warning. You can do that by stating it in your post or private messaging us. This rule will become active as of September 16, 2016.
Thank you
Happy Foruming
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