Married & cheating πŸ˜”

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Married & cheating πŸ˜”

Postby Married mistress » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:02 am

Please don't judge me or try not to.

I got married 5 years ago to a guy I've known for now 29 years. Used to be close friends nothing serious. In my single years n his we randomly hooked up i i refused to commit because i was not ready.

I then got involved with another guy but was just ad they call it "vibing" i never wanted to give it a title. I enjoyed my freedom so so much. In 2010 myself & 'Mr V' met both single i thought. Was having allot of fun together. Enjoying each other's company. Then i found out he got married. It broke me because me oh silly me i fell in love with the oh so handsome successful Mr V.

I confronted him telling him i cnt be the "other woman".

Stayed away & tried learning to live without him. Months passed he made contact the weakness in me gave in. We were together for 5 years meaning i was the mistress but i could just not let go. I cried i hated myself i fought myself & i did not want him to leave his wife because i felt bad. I know this is wrong but i want to apologize for all married woman out there. Im sorry πŸ˜”5 years into it i decided to get married n try n start afresh. I blocked & cut all contact with Mr V. Got married had a beautiful baby boy. 2 years in my marriage my husband just became someone else. I felt lonely sad all the time useless is a better word. I unblocked Mr V 😞& here we are. I want to let him go i Dnt know how to. My husband is not perfect but i love him n i know he loves me even thou he has his crazy hurtful flaws. I cry before God daily to forgive me. Mr V does everything right but his not mine. Its not right towards his wife Firstly and my husband. I love him i never say it. Myself & Mr V is now going for 10 years. I Dnt know how to let go πŸ˜”
Married mistress
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Re: Married & cheating πŸ˜”

Postby Monzal » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:42 am

Hey girl. I'm not gonna judge because we're humans and it's pretty normal situations like this. I think u need to be happy so, why don't you try with get divorced? I mean, Ik it's really hard to do but, if you don't do it now, it gets worse over time. Maybe get divorced with your husband can be useful to clarify ur thoughts and then decide what to do after that. Cheer up girl! Sometimes we think there's no answer to our problems but, believe me, there is. ❀️
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Re: Married & cheating πŸ˜”

Postby HisLily » Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:31 am

Emotional independence and self sufficiency are very important in everyone's life. If your man friend really loved you, he wouldn't have married someone else. If he still loves you, he'll divorce his wife and be with you. Life isn't fair after all. I'll stop here since you said we shouldn't judge.
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Re: Married & cheating πŸ˜”

Postby Flor » Thu Apr 08, 2021 5:38 pm

Somehow I think you are expecting all of us to judge you.
Since Im not God, I won’t, but I do know for certain whats right and whats not.
This is so wrong in so many levels.
1. If you didnt like been the mistress you would have stopped, ages ago.
2. I dont think you love your husband. I honestly think, you wanted to get marriend and have the happy ending. Since that is not how things work in real life, you go back to old habits.
3. Asking God for forgiveness and still foijg things you think are wrong and would hurt other people, you still do it

4. In a nutshell, come clean to yourself and admit tou are chosing to be the second woman and in a twisted way you go back to that same situation.

Stop hurting people, cause thats on you!

Sory, but couldnt help myself
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Re: Married & cheating πŸ˜”

Postby JamonsMommie » Sat Apr 10, 2021 9:22 am

I'm not here to judge.. My situation is somewhat similar.. I mean we don't have years.. We met a couple of months ago.. He is going through a divorce.. So he says.. I'm single.. But I like this man so much that my motto for 2021 was not to be anyone's mistress.. Well here I am month four and I feel like the mistress.. He keeps making moves then going back on them.. I'm so confused at all of this.. Like this man had been there when I am sick or just need someone to talk to.. I don't know.. I'm so conflicted.. I can't help with advice cause I am in this but I just got out of a four year toxic relationship in August 2020.. I felt like the mistress cause he never divorced his wife.. I don't want to joke about your situation or mine but girl when you figure it out please let me know.. It could help me too..
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Re: Married & cheating πŸ˜”

Postby stacyJ » Thu Apr 15, 2021 2:53 am

You got married just to forget him and get distracted, but real feelings inside you came out after a while. You can't go on like this your entire life. You will destroy your health and fall into depression because of guilt and unhappiness. What you feel for your husband is love as if loving a friend or a family member. But the real passionate love what keeps a couple in the good and bad, you will never feel for him. You tried hard and pretended you were fine with him. And now you can only see flaws in him. Please talk to mr.V. If he also feels the same for you and is ready to be with you, get divorced, both of you. You will feel such a relief and peace once you do that. I wish you guys live your love free and find peace and happiness together.
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